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"You don't see the world as it is, you see the world as you are."
- Mooji -

Welcome to your journey to a harmonious one

and conscious life.


My name is Michael Bernegger and my goal is;

  • to inspire people about life and help them expand their comfort zone

  • supporting people to initiate positive changes in their lives

  • sncouraging people to follow their dreams, develop their full potential and let them grow beyond themselves

  • to travel the world and explore countries and cultures

Your future journey will transcend geographical and personal boundaries. This is where the real adventure beyond the comfort zone begins. The decision to leave the familiar opens up new avenues of growth and discovery.

Take the first step – discover the unknown, experience beauty and find fulfilling moments. Behind the familiar backdrop, not only the unknown awaits, but also the chance to experience something new. Welcome to a world waiting to be enlivened by your curiosity.

Ready to expand your world?

I look forward to accompanying you on this inspiring adventure.



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